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360 Communities Sexual Assault Services

Available 24/7: 360 Communities Sexual Assault Services Hotline: 651.405.1500

360 Communities trains advocates to help sexual assault survivors regain their sense of safety and cope with the physical and emotional trauma they have experienced. Advocates answer questions and provide support as survivors deal with police, the court system and medical examinations. Family members and friends traumatized by a loved one’s sexual assault can also find support and services at 360 Communities.

No one should try to cope with sexual assault alone. 360 Communities’ trained advocates are just a phone call away and are available to help and support sexual assault survivors, their families and friends. We are located at the Lewis House in Eagan and our services are free and confidential. We are ready to:

  • Listen calmly
  • Help survivors cope with their feelings and the reactions of loved ones
  • Provide answers to questions regarding the legal and medical system
  • Accompany survivors to police interviews, court proceedings and medical examinations
  • Offer referrals for professional therapy or other services for adult or child survivors
  • Help significant others, friends, relatives and co-workers cope with the assault
  • Offer support groups for adult, adolescent or families/friends of survivors
  • Call Sexual Assault Services now at 651.405.1500 if you are:
    • A recent or past survivor of sexual assault or sexual abuse
    • A family member or friend of a victim
    • A professional in contact with a victim
    • Concerned about personal safety/sexual assault
    • Interested in obtaining more information on sexual assault, date rape, sexual abuse, safe touch or sexual harassment