Supporting Early Childhood Development

  1. Home visiting builds a trusting relationship between the parent and home visitor, creating a positive learning atmosphere.
  2. The intensive long-term home visiting protocol – lasting from prenatal until the child turns 4 – is proving to be effective in supporting parenting skills.
  3. Families who graduate from Dakota Healthy Families and then begin at a Partners For Success school have the opportunity to transition to a 360 Communities Partners For Success family support worker. When the child turns 4 years old, family support workers who are connected to the school where the family will be attending are introduced. This provides continued support and guidance as the child enters and attends school.

Promoting School Readiness

Dakota Healthy Families has helped parents to promote school readiness in their young children by:

  • Increasing parent attachment
  • Improving the parent’s ability to respond to cues quickly and appropriately
  • Increasing the parent’s enjoyment of child
  • Building parental age-appropriate expectations for child
  • Increasing parenting confidence, which in turn increases parenting skills
  • Teaching parents to support their child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development (examples: playing with child, limiting TV time)