What are the home visitor’s qualifications?

Home visitors are trained professionals from these fields: public health nursing, social work, early childhood development, family counseling, or infant and maternal mental health. Home visitors work together to help each other find the best resources for each family in their community.

How do families qualify to work with a home visitor?

This program is for parents who are expecting for the first time or whose first baby is younger than 3 months of age. Families are referred through hospitals, clinics, medical assistance, WIC and other agencies in the community. A home visitor initially meets with the family to decide with the family whether or not the program is a good fit and then parents voluntarily decide if they want to participate.

What curriculum and techniques do you use?

We use a national evidence-based home visiting model that can be tailored to each family’s needs and interests.

The curriculum used by DHF is Growing Great Kids (GGK). GGK is a comprehensive curriculum that supports the development of nurturing and empathic parent-child relationships for 0 to 5 year olds. It does so by focusing on child development and health, provision of care, parenting concerns and the dynamics of parent-child and family relationships.

Can you describe a typical home visit scenario?

A visit often includes conversation with the parent(s) about child development using the curriculum, making a toy, and often doing an activity for the family. Sometimes siblings, grandparents, and other family members that are a part of the child’s life are present during a visit.

How do you continue to engage and keep families involved when you are not present?

We follow up with families with phone calls, letters, and/or text messages. We make toys, do activities, and teach concepts that families can utilize when the visitor is not present.