360 Communities Child Care Aware staff are raising awareness in Dakota County about the Parent Aware child care provider Star Rating tool.

Parent Aware’s Star Ratings support and improve the strengths of child care programs, with the aim of preparing children for school. Child care providers can distinguish themselves by earning up to four stars. All star-rated programs go above and beyond licensing requirements to support school readiness.

Participating programs have:

  • Volunteered for extra, in-depth training.
  • Devoted themselves to strong, caring relationships with each child.
  • Adopted the latest approaches to keeping children’s learning on track.
  • Committed to daily activities and routines that help children learn.
  • Placed a focus on children’s health and safety.

For more information about Parent Aware, visit or call 888.291.9811.

A simple parent-oriented animated story explaining how Minnesota’s Parent Aware Ratings work. The Parent Aware Ratings help parents find the child care and preschools in their area using kindergarten readiness best practices.

Listen to home child care providers in Dakota County talk about the value of Parent Aware.

Watch 360 Communities Child Care Aware staff in action in this Parent Aware video.