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360 Communities finds trust is key to school success

By Jeff Mortensen
President & CEO

Brittany arrived at her new high school as a transfer student with no connections and a history of challenges. She had been enrolled in four different schools within the […]

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Our roles in navigating community fear and uncertainty

By Jeff Mortensen
President & CEO

Imagine not knowing how you’re going to provide the evening meal for your children when they arrive home from school. Imagine arriving home 15 minutes late and looking at yourself […]

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360 Communities: your relationship to community needs

by Jeff Mortensen
President & CEO

Do you have eyes that see the courage and struggle in the people around you? We each hold a unique perspective and are more likely to see those things that […]

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Moving on to the next chapter

By Sal Mondelli
CEO Emeritus

After a very rewarding four plus years as CEO, I have handed the reins over to Jeff Mortensen effective October 1, the start of the new fiscal year, as part of […]

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360 Communities supports school success step by step

by Lisa Lusk
Director of School Success

Tears of joy and relief streaked down Sandy’s face when she processed the news. It was December, and the latest test results showed that her first-grader, Kylie, was now […]